Danielsard2 (danielsard2) wrote,

Pile of plush Sales

Some quick rules before we start :)

  I accept Paypal and Amazon payments
  I ship from Florida worldwide
  Shipping cost is not included on item prices unless specifically indicated
  Sales Permission granted on 7/2/11 by dakajojo

                   My current feedback is here

                   My old feedback lives here :P

There are more rules. PLEASE read them before buying or bidding!!

Ultra cute play by play pika - $5

Pokecen Sawk - $15 (with both tags)

Jakks Cyndaquil MWT - Can't find price references anywhere, so I'll auction him starting on $10

Epcot pick-up dialga - $15 -- SOLD! Thanks :D

Epcot Pick up Palkia - $15 -- SOLD! Thanks :D

TOMY Japanese talking zorua (hangtag re-attached, works) - $25

VERY loved zoroark pokedoll (from mall tour) - $12

Banpresto yamask plushie (no hangtag) - $15

Shiny material Banprresto snivy - $15 -- SOLD! Thanks :D

Bootleg Galade - $3

Banpresto Mamoswine (has yellow stain, and hangtag) - $15

SonoKong (Korean) Victini from gleameyesluxray's Pick-ups earlier this year - $28 (costed me $36)  -- SOLD! Thanks :D

November pikachu. Got it for $50 shipped - $50 shipped to you

Bootleg piplup with suction cup - $4

TOMY noseless pika. It is electronic, but IDK what it does - $10

Thanks for looking!! :D

Jakks Cynda Auction


-= Bidding ends on Sunday July 22nd at 10 PM EST =-
-= A counter is here :) =-
-= All Community Rules Apply =-
-=No Sniping (bidding 5 minutes before the end of auction. I will add 5 more minutes to the auction everytime sniping happens =-
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