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Early May Sales
Hi!, Thanks for checking by. Can you please take a minute to check the rules as they have changed a little?


1- Payment:
                   I accept Paypal and Amazon payments
                   No Echecks or sending gift please
                   Concealed cash it at your own risk, but you have to pay the postage to me with delivery confirmation
 2- Shipping:
                   I ship from Florida worldwide
                   I ship Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless something gets on the way like an event or such
                   Shipping for the US starts $1.95 as the mail treats anything inside a bubble mailer as package, International starts at                                                        
                   $3 depending where its going.

                   Shipping cost is not included on item prices

                   Unfortunately I can't do anything once I leave the package at the mail. If it gets lost or damaged, unfortunately you
                   are on your own, as unless you buy insurance or international tracking, the mail washes its hands on broken/lost
                   US buyers who pay with paypal can get free delivery confirmation, as long as paypal keeps it free for me

                   Insurance is encouraged. The mail has grinders, but its not free, sorry :/
3- Other
                   Questions, ask them ALL before you buy! Please know if what you are buying is really what you want, as I do not
                   accept returns

                   Haggle, Haggle, Haggle!! I rather drop a few bucks than lose a sale in most cases. If I don't accept, please try again
                   no luck? please don't be upset, I accept haggling, but I can't give out free stuff ;)

                   This sale is a PKMNCollectors sale that I open to everybody interested on buying by posting it on my personal
                   journal, however I politely ask you to please abide by all PKMNCollectors rules

                   Pictures are taken with my phone, I beg you please pardon the lousy quality it can result 
4- Info         
                   Sales Permission granted on 7/2/11 by dakajojo

                   My current feedback is here

                   My old feedback lives here :P
Now, let's go to sales :D


Clipping Figures BNIB (taken from the box to take the pics only) $5 each or both for $8


TOMY Muskedeers (from Gin's shop) - $7 each or all for $20



Reshy - $5
BK Mew - $2 (doesn't light up)
Mc Pika - $2 (lights up)
Regirock Kid - $4
Riolu Chou-get - $2

Infernape - $4
Cubone magnet - $4
Mini Lugia Chou-Get no base - $1.50
Entei Bottlecap - $4
Giratina Rolley - $3
Custom eevee bought at a Con - $3.50

Jakks Shinx (Very bad condition, has a huge slash on the back of the head) - $0.50
Other Jakks - $2 each

Sold: Charmander

Snivy custom keychain - $4
Mini marowak - $2
Cobalion kid in box - $5
Mewtwo Bottlecap - $3

Mc. Zekrom - $2
Buildable Zekrom (can be shipped taken apart to save on shipping) - $7

Custom vaporeon bought at the same con as eevee - $5


Jakks Plushies - $8


Banpresto Mamoswine (Has both tags but needs cleaning) - $25
Lugia Pokedoll (from the Epcot pick-up earlier this year) - $20 

Lugia Pokedoll Comments: Photo is to show the Mitzukoshi price sticker for legitimacy. The tag is attached, and it comes as I received it, with the same bubblewrap and all)

Halloween Espeon with tags! (comes with accessories detached, but they can be reattached, you can tie the cape again, but I'm not sure about the candy basket thingy) - $15

Booties - $5 each, or all for $17

Faceplant boss Vaporeon


Prerelease deckbox (has been used and has white edges) - $3 (Hold)

Tins (have markings and scratchings duee to storage, and include the plastic parts that go inside) - $3 each

could i take the custom eevee figure to the UK please? :3

yes you can ;)

Would you like to buy insurance? (its a delicate figure :) )

Please let me know before I give you your total :)


How much for the Cobalion kid to NY 11030?

would you like it with box and insert paper?

Plz let me know

Thanks :)

Muskedeer TOMY trio to the UK please!

Edited at 2012-05-02 04:07 pm (UTC)

Figures: $20
Shipping: $3.78
Paypal: $0.99

Total: $24.77 If its ok, can you please send the money to danielsard at gmail dot com?

Thanks :)

Could I please have a quote for Halloween Espeon to australia ? Is it genuine?

never heard of bootleg halloween espeon or umbreon. Would you like a quote for box or mailer?

Plz let me know


Can I have a quote for the Halloween Espeon to 23692? My friend has been looking for an Espeon/Umbreon plush for her younger sister, so it might take me a day to get back to you on whether she would like it or not after you give me the quote. ^^

Espeon was requested already, but if the person above passes, I'll let you know :)

Charmander Jakks to 76209 still looking

and Vaporeon Booty and that's all :3

(Deleted comment)
It has a hole onder but is like a small rectangle or something

(Deleted comment)
Hello!! Could I have a quote for the Pignite plush and clipping figure to the Netherlands, please?

would you like the clipping figure with the box and inserts or just the figure?

Plz let me know

Thanks :)


could I ask for a quote for the espeon plush to spain?


I'm waiting for somebody to respond about it. If they decide to pass, I can let you know :)

Plz let me know

Thanks n___n

Can I get the cobalion kid to 55429? :D

Hi, sure :) do you mind if I flatten the box to protect it and maybe save you a few cents on shipping?

Plz let me know


Hello! May I have the Giratina Roller and the Mewtwo bottlecap to 48223, please?


No problem :D

Giratina - $3
Mewtwo - $3
Shipping - 1.95
Paypal - $0.53

Total - $8.48 if its ok, can you please send the money to danielsard at gmail dot com?

Thanks :D

Edited at 2012-05-02 07:00 pm (UTC)

Hey! Can I ask what kind of figure the Reshi is? O:

If by any chance all of the above pass on the Espeon, may I be next in line? :3 Also, may I get some additional pictures of the Vaporeon bootie & a quote to 98105?


I have you now as #3 on the espeon :) . Sorry the vaporeon bootie sold

hiya! RE: Mewtwo deck box

hi there

do u still have the mewtwo prerelease deck box for sale?
if so how much to glasgow, scotland?

becky x

Re: hiya! RE: Mewtwo deck box


It is available

The box is $3
Postage is $3.78 and
Paypal is $49

So the total will be $7.27 If its ok, can you please send it to danielsard at gmail.com?


xD: early sent message, sorry

Edited at 2012-05-02 09:00 pm (UTC)

If it somehow doesn't sell, could I get Espeon to Australia please? *w*

I'll put you as #4 xD

I think I should GA it ;)