Danielsard2 (danielsard2) wrote,

Pokegoodies sale

So here's the breakdown of what im selling/trading... I'm really interested on a lucario pokedoll or plush of any kind please but you can offer anything :)

- Prinplup (talks, and it works), has details on the battery compartment, as I removed the batteries once and didnt have a screwdriver handy) - $15 will give batteries with it
 - Dialga (been loved a lot) - $18 (waiting for a formal trade or buy offer)

- Shiny Victini hat (didnt fit my long hair) - $10

- Drilbur $8

- Jolteon scarf (never worn, wanted it to have it like a banner, but I couldnt find a nice spot) - $10 

 - Patches: $0.50 each, or 2 for $1 (Only oshawott and tepig left :) )
Prices are compared to ebay in several items, and all are lower than ebay, even on loved plushies
Shipping is extra, as well as paypal fees
I only take paypal

I ship worldwide, but I'm not responsible for lost packages, so I recommend registered mail, which is optional to buy

Thanks for looking!! :D

Trades im looking for

-- Lucario, riolu pokedolls

-- Any plushie 6" or less to be able to put on my shelves
Remember: ALL plushies can be traded as well 
Thanks a lot for watching  :)

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